3 undeniable benefits of getting Vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival has been more and more popular among travelers to Vietnam by air. With this way of application, travelers will neither need to travel across a long distance to a local Vietnam embassy nor need to send their passport away by post. They only need an internet-connected to submit online application via a travel agent (Vietnam-visa.com is highly recommended for its reputation) and get visa approval letter returned to them by email. Those who have used Vietnam visa on arrival cannot deny its 02 benefits as following:

Benefit 1: Get simplicity and convenience with application for Vietnam visa on arrival.

Obtaining a Vietnam visa on arrival is rather simple through a few clicks at Vietnamvisa.es to submit Vietnam visa application. It only takes couples of minutes to fill out the form. And then with 2 more steps online, consisting of confirming personal details and paying the service fee, applicant will get a visa approval letter to board their flight and get visa stamped at Vietnam airport without any trouble.

This process is said to be especially beneficial for those who live far from the Vietnam Embassy/consulate or those who are on their holidays and decide to visit Vietnam during their trip as its application is completely done online.

Benefit 2: Save time with Vietnam visa on arrival

Instead of waiting as many as 7 days to get visa issued by Vietnam embassy, the online visa application can help applicants get Vietnam visa approval letter within 2 working days at maximum. Even in urgent cases, Vietnam visa approval letter can be processed within one working day or 4 working hours. Vietnam visa on arrival will care all time troubles.

Benefit 3: Save cost with online application for Vietnam visa on arrival

The total cost of Vietnam visa on arrival may be higher or lower than cost of visa issued by the Vietnam embassy. However, with visa on arrival, applicants will not have to travel across a long distance to the Vietnam embassy, accordingly save money that would otherwise have been spent on the way, or save postal cost if they may send their application and receive the visa via post. In addition, all expenses as a result of delays when waiting to be served at the Vietnam embassy are now cut off or avoided.

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