Why do foreign tourists love Vietnam?

Travel is not just to enjoy, but also to be an opportunity for us to immerse ourselves in a new culture, learn or experience new things and then to love that new land. And with Vietnam, which experiences have impressed visitors forever about our country?

Beautiful beaches

Fortunately owning a prime location, located along the East Sea, Vietnam is no shortage of beautiful beaches. From the famous names such as Mui Ne, Nha Trang, Vung Tau, and Phu Quoc, to the newly emerged beaches such as Binh Ba, Binh Lap, and Nam Du, all contribute to draw a sea paradise which is ideal for international travelers, where the blue sea, white sand, sunshine, the coconut winds in the wind are calling.

Street food

When arriving in Vietnam, what makes foreign visitors so interested and attention first is the burden of street vendors, food carts parked on the sidewalk. Walking on the street, visitors can easily smell the aroma of a certain food with the extremely cheap price. Just walk and sip – Vietnam tourism is more fun thanks to this!

Variety of traditional festivals

With 54 ethnic groups and a variety of religious beliefs, it is not surprising that in Vietnam, there are always large and small festivals spread throughout the country. Some traditional festivals are especially impressive for foreigners including Tet holiday, National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.


If Italian coffee is famous for its sophistication and bold identity of a great power of culinary art, Vietnam coffee is impressed by the excellent quality coffee with the simple but delicious recipe. Early in the morning, sitting in a street-side coffee shop, waiting for every drop of dark coffee, reading the newspaper and watching the street are the coffee culture of the Vietnamese making foreign visitors interested.

Beautiful landscapes

Do you believe that Vietnam has all the famous attractions in the world? Mui Ne sand dune is similar to the Sahara, the floating market of Cai Rang is just like the Amphawa floating market in Thailand or Halong Bay is as beautiful as Boracay in the Philippines. It is so so great indeed!

The traditional markets

If you want to explore the customs and culture of a community of people, just go to the local market. Visiting the traditional markets in Vietnam, visitors not only see many scenes of the ordinary life of people but also buy some items and delicious food which cannot be found in anywhere else in the world.

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Fresh seafood

Being a sea island country, it is not surprising that Vietnam is also famous for its diverse fresh seafood. Fish, shrimps, squid, and snails are sold in markets. Although initially, many visitors will feel uncomfortable with the fishy smell, until buying the fresh seafood, they will forget the inconvenience and think of a great seafood dinner.

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