5 reasons to choose Vietnam visa on arrival

Visa is the very first thing you need before your trip to a foreign country. Normally, all kinds of visas can be obtained at embassies or consulates. However, when you go to Vietnam by air, you can have one more choice to get Vietnam visa: that is Vietnam visa on arrival. So here are 5 reasons to choose Vietnam visa on arrival.

Vietnam visa on arrival is rather simple, just visit the website https://www.vietnam-visa.com and click apply. It only takes you couples of minutes to fill in the Vietnam visa application form. Then with 2 more steps online, you will get a pre-approved Vietnam visa letter which lets you enter Vietnam without any trouble.

2. Save your time

Instead of waiting as many as 7 days to get your visa, apply online can help you get Vietnam visa approval letter within 48 hours maximum. Even in urgent cases, your Vietnam visa can be done within one working day. So why don’t you enjoy your time and give troubles to us?

3. Save your money

The service fee to get Vietnam visa approval letter is starting from $21.25. It is just a small fee to help you get out of trouble with lengthening procedures when applying for a Vietnam visa. And you are just charged the service fee in case your visa application is surely processed successfully.

Remember that service fee is different from the stamping fee. Service fee is the fee you pay to get Vietnam visa approval letter. Stamping fee is the fee you pay directly to Vietnam Immigration officers at Vietnam international airports to get your passport stamped with Vietnam visa. The stamping fee must be paid in cash by USD or VND.

4. A convenient way

By picking up at Vietnam international airports, Vietnam visa on arrival is a convenient way for air travelers to Vietnam. You can also apply for ahead of time before your trip and pick it up when arrive.

5. Easy to apply everywhere

For those who are living far away from Vietnam Embassy/Consulate, Vietnam visa on arrival is the best choice. Even when you are on your holiday in other countries, you can easily apply for Vietnam visa on arrival online at the website https://www.vietnam-visa.com.

Here are 5 reasons to choose Vietnam visa on arrival. Now let’s say goodbye to the trouble and be a smarter traveler. Book a Visa to Vietnam at https://booking.vietnam-visa.com/step1.html and Welcome to Vietnam!