6 Useful tips on getting urgent Vietnam Visa on Arrival at Vietnam-visa.com

You need an urgent Vietnam visa on arrival, it means that you do not have much time before departure for Vietnam. And in order to avoid any unexpected problem, the following checklist is highly recommended to you.

1. Make sure your passport has at least 2 blank pages; the Vietnam Immigration Department requires at least two blank pages.

2. Make sure your passport is not going to expire for a next 6 months from the registered date.

3. Make sure to provide us will full correct information, as in case you provide wrong information, you will have no time to amend it, and of course, your entry may be refused. An advice for you is to put your passport by your side when completing the online Vietnam visa application form here.

4. Do not hesitate to ask Vietnam-visa.com for any issue you find confused.

5. Prepare passport photographs. While waiting for visa approval letter issued, go to your post office or perhaps you have a drug store or photo processing store that takes passport photographs, get them, and if you are traveling a lot get a lot of extra photos.

You also can get photo taken right at Vietnam airport, but it is costly.

6. Pay attention to processing time: Vietam-visa.com offers 2 kinds of urgent services: urgent (1 working day) and super urgent (3-4 working hours). Select the best one for you.