7 notes to remember for Mexican before Vietnam trip

For most of the foreign traveler, Vietnam is among the listed destinations as part of a larger trip across South East Asia. Before exploring this fantastic country, a little idea of all the things to do in Vietnam should be provided to those who will make a trip to this nation. Especially for the Mexican, the first trip to Vietnam may be strange and make them confused. Here are the most popular tips to help them have a great journey to Vietnam.

Getting a Vietnam Visa in Mexico 

Firstly, regarding of visa issue, there is quite easy way to apply for a visa as the entrance to this beautiful country. A Vietnam tourist visa is obliged for all Mexican passport holders traveling to Vietnam on vacation regardless of the duration of their stay in the nation. For Mexican citizens, the best way to apply for a valid visa to Vietnam is to obtain a Vietnam Visa on Arrival which has been chosen by a lot of travelers around the world for its convenience, simplicity, fast processing and time saving. In case of getting visa on arrival, visitors just need to complete Vietnam Visa Application online to get a Visa Approval Letter beforehand and then get visa stamped upon their arrival at Vietnam airport.

When to visit in Vietnam

As the climate has been changing in a various way from time to time and in different places in Vietnam, you should plan carefully the destination to visit. Hanoi was incredibly sunny and pleasantly warm, but sometimes misty and cold. The weather in Ha Long Bay – one of the best known Vietnam tourist attraction – is typically sunny and warm. Coming to Vietnam, Sapa is another of must-visit place which can be considered as a top destination in the country for hiking. Arriving in Hoi An, you can feel the warmer climate than in the north of the country, and experience some day enjoying the culture and food here. Saigon and the Mekong Delta cannot be missed which is insanely hot, sunny, and humid, but there are a lot of wonderful things to discover.

You can take reference more about suitable Vietnam destinations at: https://www.vietnam-visa.com/vietnam-travel-guide-recommendations-basing-on-regions/

What to prepare

Due to the changing of weather, you should prepare many things when coming to this country from the  warmer jacket to the hiking boots and hiking pants; a good sweater and make sure you have enough comfortable long cotton pants and t-shirts. Using a backpack is the best in Vietnam as you have to move a lot.


Remember to the difference between Vietnamese Dong and US Dollar. It is better to pay by the local currency although dollars can be accepted in some hotels and even in some shops. Make sure you check the money given carefully after exchanging from the bank.


The exchange rate is around 22.000 VN to a US dollar.

Safety in Vietnam

Vietnam is truly a safe place for female travelers. However, you should be careful when facing with the traffic in Vietnam, especially the scooter when walking around. Actually, learning to cross the street is the most important thing you have to consider. The key point is to walk without stopping as the scooter drivers will never stops for visitors travelling on foot, but all of the drivers will make sure to avoid them.

Accommodation in Vietnam

There is a marvelous range of choice for accommodation in Vietnam, from the luxury hotels to medium options, then finally the basic hostels at any budget. Homestay can be a wonderful experience for most travelers in which they will have a room at local families, sometimes even sharing the bathroom facilities. Depending on your budget and the location you have chosen, the accommodation can be various from place to place.

Wine and dine in Vietnam

Cuisine in South East Asia is a ridiculous experience and one of the top things you should experience when coming to Vietnam is trying the food and drink here. For Mexicans, in case they are not familiar with Vietnamese culinary, there is a wide range of Mexican style bar and restaurant for their alternative. Some of the top places can be listed as: Hanoi Taco Bar, Xofa Café, EMM’s Café, Taco Fresh and More, Xupito Bar, Salt n’ Lime, Nachos2go Restaurant, Gizmo, Al Fresco’s, Picante Latino, Kitchen, Latino Restaurant Tapas Bar, iProvecho! Global Bar & Grill, Master Chef and Prague Pub, etc.

Enjoying the street food of something in the markets is what you have to try out in Vietnam, not only as it is remarkably cheaper than eating at those restaurants, but also because the street food is really tasty in the Vietnamese way. The small tip for you is to find a good place which has lots of locals there. A fine mixture of locals and tourists, women and children shows that the food is good and safe to eat!


Hanoi Old Quarters is where you can taste the most local streetfood

All you have to do now is just remember those above tips and begin your fantastic journey to one of the most desirable destination in the Southeast Asia! Hope that you can have a great trip to Vietnam than ever!

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