All about Vietnam visa on arrival form N1 you don’t want to miss

Vietnam visa on arrival form N1 or Vietnam entry and exit form is one of the must-bring document for you when traveling to Vietnam if you apply for Vietnam visa on Arrival. Since March 1, 2015, the old entry and exit form has been replaced by a new one which was renamed into Vietnamese visa application form.

Please refer to the following article for more details of this necessary document.

  1. Where do you get Vietnam Visa On Arrival Form N1

Traditionally, this form application will be delivered to applicants on the airplane or when arrive at a Vietnam airport. After filling in the form, applicants will have to return it (in along with approval letter and passport photo) to the Immigration Officers to get passport stamped. However in case you don’t get a Vietnamese visa application from both above-mentioned sources, just take one at the airport on your arrival. In this case, it takes you from 5 to 10 minutes to complete the form. Therefore it is highly recommended to complete it in advance by finding and download the form on the internet at   to save your time.


Vietnam Visa On Arrival Form N1

  1. How to fill in this online entry and exit form?

You need to complete the following heads

Full name: all the letters have to be written in capital and the same as your passport details

Date of birth: write in the format of dd/mm/yyyy

Sex: write M for male, F for female

Place of birth: name of the city and your country

Nationalities: including nationality at birth and current nationality

Religion: write the name of your religion

Current occupation/Profession: make sure that your career information has to be the same as the record you provide Vietnamese embassy when applying for a Vietnam visa, or for visa-on-arrival.

Employer and employer’s address: the name and address of your company.

Home address (permanent address) and Telephone/Email: the dress in the country you plan to go

Family members: you also need to provide your family members’ information including their Full name, Date of birth, Nationality, Permanent address.

Passport details: contain information of number of passport, type of passport, issue and expiry date. Additionally, applicants have to write the place where the passport is issued in Issuing Authority which can be found in original passport.

Date of the latest entry into Vietnam: the day you intend to exit Vietnam.

Proposed date of entry: the day you enter Vietnam

Purpose of entry: tourism/business/work/study

Proposed temporary address in Vietnam: write your proposed staying address

Hosting organization or individual in Vietnam: provide its name, address and the relationship between you and that organization or individual

Accompanying child(ren) under 14 years old: list all the children who travel with you

Entries requested: write the type of Vietnam visa on Arrival you wish to have (Single entry/Multiple entries)

Other requests: if you have any requests, write down here.

Done at …: write the name of the Vietnam international airport that you are going to arrive at (there are currently 5 options for you).

  1. How many copies do you need?

Just a copy is needed to show at a Vietnam airport; however, it is highly recommended that you should own 2 copies in some special cases. If you apply for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy, another application form will be given by the embassy.

Filling out the form correctly is extremely important because if any information is not correct, your form will not be accepted, which makes you do it again so please take it carefully.

Hope that applicants will have no difficulty with Vietnam visa on arrival form N1. For further support about Vietnam Visa & Vietnam tours, feel free to contact