Get Vietnam Visa Cheap in Portugal

Searching on internet, one will easily find that at the moment, there are two options for travelers to Vietnam to obtain a valid visa: obtain visa at local Vietnam embassy or obtain a visa on arrival.

No one can say for sure that between embassy visa and visa on arrival, which one is cheaper. However, if you are in Portugal and wish to visit Vietnam from your country, visa on arrival is absolutely a cheaper choice as there is no embassy of Vietnam in this country.

How much is a Vietnam visa on arrival?

When it comes to cost of Vietnam Visa on Arrival, there are two types of fees- Service fee & Stamping fee.

Service fee

Service fee is the cost which you would pay online as you submit the visa application form. This is the charge needed to grant the Vietnam visa approval letter from the Immigration Department. As you submit the service fee, you will have your Vietnam visa automatically sent to the Immigration control network of the Vietnam international airport – where you are scheduled to arrive. The maximum service fee for 1 month single/multiple entry visa and 3-month single/multiple entry visa is US $21, US $26, US $34 and US $55 respectively.

Stamping fee

The stamping fee is the charge which you would pay directly to Immigration Officer at the Vietnam international airport on your arrival. The fee involves the charge for your Vietnam visa on Arrival print-out and the approval stamp on your passport from the Immigration department. The standard stamping fee for single entry (both for 1 month & 3 months) is US $25 while it is US $50 for multiple entries (both for 1 month & 3 months).

Total Vietnam visa on arrival cost (service fee + stamping fee) would be somewhat like:

  • 1 month single entry: 21 + 25= US $46 (Single entry with 1 month stay)
  • 1 month multiple entries: 26 + 50 = US $76 (Multiple entries with 1 month stay)
  • 3 month single entry: 34 + 25 = US $59 (Single entry with 3-month-stay)
  • 3 month multiple entries: 55 + 50 = US $105 (Multiple entries with 3-month-stay)

You can refer to for details.

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