How to get Vietnam visa stamped at Ho Chi Minh City Airport

Vietnam visa on arrival is a type of visa that travelers pick up upon their arrival at Vietnam airport. Before departure for Vietnam, they need to obtain for a visa approval letter online, and then after landing at one of the four international airports in Vietnam (Hanoi’s Noi Bai, Ho Chi Minh City’s Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang and Nha Trang), they will get visa stamped onto their passport by presenting their original passport, 2 recent passport-sized photos, Vietnam visa approval letter, entry-exit form and stamping fee at the Visa on arrival counter.

Finding the way by your own right after landing at the airport may be a difficult task. But the case is different if you see this map in advance.

How to get Vietnam visa stamped at Ho Chi Minh City Airport

(1)   Upon exiting the plane, follow the arrows leading to “Arrival.” This will lead you to the immigration visa lines but you do not want to enter these lines yet. Instead, you must go to a small area to the far left of immigration, labeled as “Landing Visa”. Here you will find a window, a handful of booths for the less prepared to fill out forms, and a waiting area of about 20 seats.

(2)   You may have to wait there for their turn. When you finally get to the window, you will hand passport, print-out of Vietnam visa approval letter, completed entry-exit form and 2 passport-type photos to the immigration officer.

(3)   When you hear your name being called out and the officer is holding your passport photo up, it means your Vietnam visa is ready. Pay the Vietnam visa stamping fee to the officer. Only cash (USD or VND) is accepted, so make sure your change your money beforehand.

(4)   The officer will then return your passport (with Vietnam visa stamped on it) and give you a receipt.

(5)   Check all information on your Vietnam visa again. If there is any error, report the officer right away.

(6)   With the newly-stamped Vietnam visa, go to Immigration control

(7)   Then, proceed to Floor 1 where Baggage reclaim and Customs are located.

It usually takes you 15 to 30 minutes for this whole process. If you want to get it quickly, you can use Fast-track service offered by For details of the service, click here.