Vietnam permanent residence card

A permanent residence card is the solution for people who wish to regularly visit to stay in Vietnam for a longer period. It is perfect for people that wish to retire in Vietnam and for other people who want to stay in Vietnam without a work permit.


At point c, item 1, article 13 Ordinance on immigration, migration, residence of foreigners in Vietnam dated 28th April 2000, foreigners who are temporarily residing in Vietnam in one of following cases are considered and approved of permanent residence:

Wife, husband, child, father, mother of Vietnamese citizen permanently residing in Vietnam

Permanent Residence Card has unlimited validity, every 3 years, the card holder will have to update their Permanent Residence card. The card holder also can use this card as an unlimited visa to come to Vietnam.

Apply for new permanent residence card:

Required documents:

  1. 02 application forms for permanent residence (Form N7, attached with 04 passport photos 3 cm x 4cm).
  2. 02 curriculum vitae statements of the applicant (Form N10)
  3. 02 judicial record copies approved by competent public authority of the country where such person is a citizen or of the country where such person permanently resides.
  4. Diplomatic note of competent public authority of the country where such person is a citizen requesting for approval of such person’s permanent residence in Vietnam (Attached with a transfer note of Vietnamese diplomatic agency).
  5. 02 copies of passport.
  6. 02 copies of Vietnam visa or temporary alien card valid at the time of submitting documents, 02 copies of immigration declaration.
  7. 02 copies of documents to prove being wife, husband, child, father, mother of Vietnamese citizen permanently residing in Vietnam.
  8. 02 guarantee letters for foreigners temporarily residing in Vietnam (Form N9) confirmed by People’s Committee of ward, commune, attached with 02 copies of Identity card, family record of the guarantor. The guarantor and the guarantee must show documents to prove having legal houses or legal financial sources to ensure having house and life for the guarantee.

Above documents (except for application for permanent residence, diplomatic note, passport, visa) must be translated into Vietnamese and certified or legalized as regulated.

Where to apply for Permanent Residence card: The Immigration Department of the city where the foreigner lives.

Returning result: Within 6 months, Immigration Department must consider and confirm whether they accept to issue the Permanent Residence card or any changes/ additional documents required. After confirmation, the Immigration Department will have to issue the Permanent Residence card within 5 working days.

Renew, change, update permanent residence card:

Every 03 years, Permanent Residence Card holder must bring their card to present at Immigration Department of the province, city directly under the Central Government, when presenting he/she must show permanent Residence card and submit photos to change for new card.

In case he/she wishes to change the contents of the permanent residence card, the residence card holder must submit the application to Immigration Department of the resident place. The procedures are as follows:

  1. 01 statement request for changing permanent residence card (Form N8, attached to 02 3×4cm photos) confirmed by local public security of the residence place.
  2. 01 copy of passport (bring original to compare)
  3. 01 original old permanent residence card.

Period of returning result: 05 business days since the date Immigration Department received valid documents.

Note: In case of reissue due to loss, the procedures are the same as change Permanent Residence card and submission of 01 statement of the reason for loss.

Period of returning results is within 14 business days.

Source: Expat