Documents to be prepared for completing online application for Vietnam visa

When applying for Vietnam visa via Vietnam embassy, one will normally need to prepare their original passport, a hard copy of Vietnam visa application (which must be downloaded on website of the embassy or provided by the embassy itself as each embassy has its own application), and maybe return ticket and other as required by Vietnam embassy.

However, to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival, you don’t need to prepare any documents. Just put your passport by your side during completing online application to avoid any unexpected mistake.

To apply for this kind of visa, you only need to provide the local travel agent with the following information:

1. Contact information for visa application

For contact information, you will need to provide name, email and phone number of the person that the travel agent can contact to confirm the information and send visa approval letter.

You are not required to provide full name, it can be the first name to contact. However, you need to provide correct email to get visa approval letter sent to it.

2. Visa information:

For visa information, you will have a menu of options to select:

  • Visa types: 1-month single entry visa (single entry during 1 month), 1-month multiple entry visa (multiple entries during 1 month), 3-month single entry visa (single entry during 3 months) and 3-month multiple entry visa (multiple entries during 3 months);
  • Visa duration: in this box, you will need to select your arrival date and exit date. You can provide planned dates, not exact dates, but you need to enter Vietnam no earlier than the provided arrival date and exit the country no later than the provided exit date.
  • Purpose of visit: it can be tourist, business, family/friend visit or others.
  • Arrival airport: it can be Noi Bai airport in Hanoi, Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City or Da Nang airport in Da Nang City.

3. Applicant’s information

This part of the information is very important, and it is provided strictly based on the passport of the traveler(s) as different information will result in entry refusal.

Information to be provided about personal information of the applicant includes:

  • Full name (as exactly shown on passport)
  • Nationality (on passport used to enter Vietnam);
  • Sex;
  • Date of birth;
  • Passport number
  • Passport expiry date;

So, to conclude, the application for Vietnam visa online requires you no documents to be prepared at all.

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