Don’t choose a Vietnam visa on arrival provider for price

Cost is usually an issue of concern for almost things, including Vietnam visa. You will be not willing to pay for the visa fee if it is too high, but you may feel confused when it is too low compared to others. 🙂

As reported by which treasures over 10 years offering Vietnam visa on arrival service, they have received a lot of calls for help from travelers asking whether got a valid a visa approval letter as the website through which they got the letter disappeared or simply, they felt worried when they got it with a small amount of money.

So the advice is that when choosing an online Vietnam visa provider, don’t pay too much attention to price, but feedback from its clients. is one among reliable providers. They do not offer the cheapest visa service, but they offer the best one. The Vietnam Visa on arrival fees offered by may be lower or higher than some others, but they ensure you a peace of mind.

Here are some feedbacks from its clients:

“I am just in the process of obtaining visa’s for June 2016. I have been to Vietnam a number of times. I keep going back because I love the place and its people. Beautiful country, friendly people, great food and always great accommodation. My travel to Vietnam are made all the easier and happier because Vietnam visa always process my visa’s quickly and without any problem. I don’t have to worry. Service is top class. I expect advice on my new visa any time now.” – From Peter Lane.


“Very impressed with service. Really easy way to get visa done. Went into another visa company. found out that their pricing was a lot higher, so immediately cancelled Recommend this Vietnam web site.” – From Pat Alderson in New Zealand.

“I was searching the Internet for a visa service and stumbled upon this one. I read good reviews and decided to try it. They finished my visa in only one day, less than I paid for (that is super-fast.) I also selected the wrong visa, so I emailed them to have this corrected and they were swift in making this change and helpful in the overall process!” – From Ben Gold from United States.

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Here is just a piece of advice for you when applying for Vietnam-visa. Be a smart traveler with a smart choice.