Guide to get Vietnam visa for Traveling by Bus

Getting Vietnam visaApplying for Vietnam visa - Visa Vietnam is never of such easy thanks to 2 convenient options as follows:

  1. Apply for Vietnam visa at the local Vietnam embassy; OR
  2. Apply for Vietnam visa on arrival.

Both options will give the travelers a valid visa for Vietnam. However they are quite different in terms of eligible travelers. This post will deal with how to get Vietnam visa for bus travelers to Vietnam.

In case you reach Vietnam by bus, you first should check whether you need a visa or not by clicking the link: and selecting your nationality.

If your stay in Vietnam is eligible for visa exemption, just stay at ease and prepare other things for Vietnam.

Otherwise, you must obtain a visa and the single option for you if traveling by bus is to apply for visa via the embassy of Vietnam. It can be the embassy in your country or in any country before Vietnam.

However, please keep in mind that the procedure, required documents, processing time and visa fee may vary from one to one, so you are highly recommended to contact the embassy you wish to apply for Vietnam visa with in advance to best prepare for your application.

Following is the common procedure applied by almost embassies of Vietnam:

  1. Directly submit the application documents at the Vietnam embassy and pay for visa fee there;
  2. Get notice of delivery of visa;
  3. Back to the embassy on the arranged day to pick up the passport and visa;
  4. Travel to Vietnam.

The embassy may also accept submission of visa application documents and delivery of passport and visa to the travelers by post. So, you should contact them for more details.

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