Dos and Don’ts about Vietnam Visa


  1. Do not apply for Vietnam visa if you are eligible for Vietnam visa exemption;
  2. Do not attempt to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival if you do not travel to Vietnam by air;
  3. Do not enter Vietnam earlier than your granted arrival date, as your entry will be refused;
  4. Do not leave Vietnam later than your granted exit date as you will be fined;
  5. Do not enter any misspelling details as your entry may be refused;
  6. Do not need to contact Vietnam embassy if you apply for Vietnam visa on arrival. See who are eligible and how to get this type of visa for Vietnam here.


  1. Do apply for Vietnam visa at embassy if you do not travel to Vietnam by air;
  2. Do apply for a multiple entry visa if you have multiple entries and exits from the country during a certain period of time;
  3. Do make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your arrival date;
  4. Do apply for Vietnam visa as soon as possible to avoid any unexpected costs (including cost of expedited service);
  5. Do apply for Vietnam visa approval letter beforehand if you want to pick up visa upon arrival in Vietnam;


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