How an Australian getting Vietnam visa in Israel

I am traveling to Vietnam in this June, and as this is my first time travel to the country, I have to make sure whether I need a visa or not, and if yes, how to apply for my Vietnam visa.

I started searching on internet, and thanks to internet, I knew that as an Australian citizen, I need a visa for Vietnam and I have two options to get one.

I stopped at two websites, likely reliable: (specialized for Vietnam visa in Australia) and (specialized for Vietnam visa in Israel), and from information from these two websites, I knew that I could apply for Vietnam visa on arrival in Israel. =))

Both of them introduce a very simple process to obtain a visa on arrival (VOA) as following:

  • Step 1: Fill out the online application form. I did it, completed my form, very easy.
  • Step 2: Pay for service fee. Easy payment. I made it with my credit card, paying USD 21 for my 1-month single entry.
  • Step 3: Receive visa approval letter: I got it just within nearly 2 working days from Vietnamvisa.
  • Step 4: Get visa stamped. It is not completed yet. I got guide from Vietnam visa and will get it when I am landing in Vietnam in this June.

For me, the whole process was easy and also the introduction by this website was easy to follow as well.

I did not try contacting the Vietnam embassy in Israel as it is far from my place, so if I tried applying for visa at embassy, it might take my time to travel to the embassy. Everything goes smooth with Vietnam visa on arrival, so I think no need at all.