How to rush Vietnam visa for New Zealand citizens for a business trip

Are you about to fly to Vietnam in just a few hours and need a Vietnam visa as soon as possible? You, perhaps, cannot use the traditional way to get a visa via e Vietnam embassy as you will do not have enough time to do so. So, does that mean you cannot take this flight to Vietnam? Fortunately no – there are leading online Vietnam visa providers which are ready to assist you to your Vietnam visa service. How? Well, here goes a brief on the entire rush Vietnam visa service by the online visa companies.

About the process

In case of the traditional Vietnam visa application, you would need to travel to the embassy to submit your application documents, and then back home and back to the embassy in another day to get visa. It is really time consuming. In case of online rush visa, you would be able to carry on the entire application process online and the travel agent staff would forward the application to Vietnam Immigration on your behalf and send the approval letter to you by email within 1 – 2 working days or even in 4 working hours in urgent service. In this case, you are never needed to waste your time & energy at the Embassy office and everything happens from the comfort of your home and that too way faster than the conventional practice.

The Application process:

  • Select a reputed online Vietnam visa portal offering rush Vietnam visa facility. is highly recommended for New Zealand citizens and residents.
  • Contact them via email [email protected] and provide them with information including phone number, visa information (type and duration), and personal information including full name, date of birth, gender, nationality, passport number, passport expiry date.
  • And please remember to subject your email to be “I want to request super-urgent service”.

It should be mentioned here that all the personal details you state here should match up with your passport. For example, if you are US by birth but has taken New Zealand citizenship officially, you would have to mention New Zealand as your present nationality.