No Vietnam Visa online for New Zealanders to Vietnam by bus

For many New Zealanders who have traveled regularly to Vietnam, Vietnam visa online is likely the first option in their mine. However, in case they travel to Vietnam by bus from its neighboring country, the first thing they should note is that they cannot get a visa online in this case as it supports them only when they travel to the country by air.

Vietnam visa for land border crossing

So, what if New Zealanders cross land border to Vietnam?

In case New Zealanders travel to Vietnam via a land border and need a visa, they have only one option which is to apply for a visa at the Vietnam embassy in New Zealand or embassy of Vietnam in any third country which is convenient for them. It can be that in Thailand, China, or Cambodia which is their destination before Vietnam in case they have enough time there.

Documents to be submitted for Vietnam visa application at the embassy:

As the visa procedure and application documents may vary from embassy to embassy, New Zealanders are highly recommended to directly contact the embassy to which they plan to submit the visa application for details.

However, here are minimum documents that travelers are required to provide when applying for a visa at Vietnam embassy:

  • Original passport (valid for at least 6 months from your arrival date);
  • Completed application form in hardcopy (must be downloaded from the website of the embassy via which you plan to apply for a visa);
  • Portrait photo.

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