3 tips to get free from trouble of Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival may have become very popular among regular travelers to Vietnam, but it may cause some troubles to first-time travelers. But everything can be avoided if it has been foreseen. And here are 3 tips to get you free from trouble of Vietnam Visa on arrival.

1. Remember to apply for visa approval letter in advance

Applying for Vietnam visa - Visa Vietnam

The very first thing that one should notice is that visa on arrival to Vietnam is different from that of other countries. If you have ever used visa on arrival to Laos, you will see it completely different from visa on arrival to Vietnam.

For visa on arrival to Laos, you will need to do nothing before your travel, just fill out the form at the border gate and pick up your visa right there after paying for the visa fee.

However, with visa on arrival for Vietnam, you will need to first apply online for visa approval letter via a travel agent. The letter is issued by the Vietnam Immigration department via the travel agent. It allows you to board your flight and get to Vietnam to pick up full visa at Vietnam airport.

So, in case you do neither full visa nor visa approval letter, you cannot get into VietnamĀ  unless you are eligible for visa exemption.

So, remember to apply for visa approval letter beforehand if you want to enter Vietnam with visa on arrival.

2. Only use this kind of visa if you travel to Vietnam by air

Also unlike visa on arrival to other countries which you can use for border crossing, visa on arrival is for air travelers to Vietnam only. So, do not apply for this kind of visa if you travel to Vietnam by land or sea.

3. Use Fast-track service to avoid long-queue at Vietnam airport

Vietnam visa fast track serviceAll travelers visiting Vietnam with visa on arrival must stay in front of the visa on arrival at airport to get visa stamped onto their passport. This process may take you up to 30 minutes.

In case you want to avoid it, you can use fast-track service offered by Vietnam-visa.com, with which you will have person at the airport assist you to get the visa stamped quickly.

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